Can Coffee Cause Cancer and Other Effects on Health

As a heavy coffee drinker I have always made it my concern to learn all there is that I can know about its effects on my health. I am aware about all the talk that has been going around concerning coffee and the way that it can cause problems to our health. I did some research regarding this because I don’t want to put my trust into some sources that I can not rely on. So here are some of the information that I have regarding coffee and its effects:

Coffee as a Stimulant-
The biggest reason why a lot of people drink coffee is because it is the best source of stimulant for most people. We have come to depend on it for our work when we can not afford to fall asleep or become drowsy. The caffeine found on coffee creates a chemical reaction in our brain which prevents us from becoming drowsy and from falling asleep. Although beneficial some say that this effect of coffee does not last. Some say that some people might develop tolerance for the caffeine content.

Coffee and the Cardiovascular System
– One of the more controversial things about coffee is effects on the heart and the cardiovascular system as a whole. There are those who claim that on a long term basis it can cause some problems to the heart. There are those who claim however that coffee can be beneficial to heart and blood circulation. Experts tend to agree however that coffee drinking is safe within normal limits and if a person does not engage in any physically demanding activity like sports.

Can Coffee Cause Cancer?- Another controversial effect that is attributed to coffee is that of being able to fight off the effects of cancer. There was a fear that was raised in the past about the possibility that coffee can actually cause cancer to happen and that places heavy drinkers at risk. This fear was raised when coffee was labelled as a 2B carcinogen by the world Health Organization. That might be misleading though since the labels are for those that might possibly cause cancer. Cell phones and pickled vegetables belong to the same category.

When you think about it everything can possibly cause cancer so if we are going to avoid coffee and the other things that belong to the same category there would be nothing left for us to do.

Other Coffee Effects- There are still other effects that are attributed to coffee which can affect our health. It is well known that coffee is an excellent laxative. The fibre contents of the coffee grounds are perfect treatment for constipation. It has also been proven on some tests that coffee can contribute in keeping the cognitive powers of elderly women. There is also evidence pointing to the fact that coffee can be good for fighting the effects of gout. Though the effect is not permanent it can lower down the levels of uric acid and ease most of the pain that goes with arthritis.