Caffeine in Green Tea vs. Coffee

I learned that sleeping was a luxury when I started working as a reporter at a newspaper. That was where I also learned to appreciate the benefits of drinking high quality coffee. I needed the coffee to provide me with the right sort of stimulation that could keep me going so that I could meet all of the deadlines that I am facing. At first I just used coffee to stimulate myself but then I soon learned to love the drink. I came to look forward to each cup that I was going to use. I began to buy the best coffee that I can afford. I got myself a premiere coffee maker and then I searched the Internet for the best coffee beans. In short I turned myself into a coffee expert.

Then I heard a friend of mine at the office saying that he prefers drinking tea because it is healthier and that it contains a lot more caffeine than coffee and so is better at providing stimulation. That was the first time that I have heard that tea was better than coffee and that really made me wonder. If that was the truth then it makes more sense for me to switch over to tea. I was not satisfied with just listening to what I have heard from others so I researched on my own.

Caffeine in Green Tea vs. Coffee-
Tea and Coffee are two of the most popular beverages in the world today. People from different parts of the globe enjoy them. Coffee for example originated in Ethiopia but is now raised as a major crop in South America and Asia. Tea on the other hand has a longer tradition. Oriental countries use tea in their ceremonies while European countries like England have picked up the habit of tea drinking from them.

There are several types of tea and they usually refer to the way that the tea leaves are prepared for use in the drinking. One of these types is the green tea which is supposed to contain the greatest amount of caffeine concentration. It is actually true that tea leaves contain more caffeine than coffee beans. I found out about that right away. There is a catch however. In order to make tea you need a small amount of green tea leaves while in order to make a cup of coffee a greater dose of beans are needed. So you end up with a greater amount of caffeine from a cup of coffee than on a cup of tea.

Why I Prefer Coffee-
I tried using tea when I learned that it also contained substantial amount caffeine. Some of friends were starting to drink tea as well and they were praising it because of the many health benefits that one can get out of it but frankly it tasted like boiled grass to me. It really was not enjoyable. It might be an acquired taste but I am not going to waste my time waiting for the day when I love it. I guess its coffee for me until the day I die.