Bunn Coffee Makers – A Variety of Choices

Bunn coffee makers are one of the brand names out there. If you’re looking for a new coffee machine then Bunn offers a wide variety of coffee makers for your use. A quick browse through your online or offline store will bring at least a handful of Bunn coffee machines into your repertoire. But before we talk more specifically about Bunn as a brand, perhaps we should talk briefly about what you need to look for in deciding what kind of coffee maker will suite your lifestyle. But to do this, we will only limit our choice to the drip style coffee maker and we won’t talk very thoroughly about Bunn commercial coffee makers.

Most coffee makers nowadays according to Consumer Reports make at least a decent cup of coffee and this is especially true of the Bunn coffee makers. But here at Coffee Sensei we strive towards excellence. And we want to enjoy the best cup of coffee that we can possibly get. So we turn to some ideas about what you might want to look for in a coffee machine.

Questions to ask before buying Bunn coffee makers

First thing to consider is how many you and the other coffee lovers in your household drink. Do you need just a one or two cup or single serving coffee maker or do you need a larger 10 to 12 cup coffee machine. Bunn coffee makers company makes coffee makers in all of these sizes. From single serve to Bunn commercial coffee machines. Now be weary of the claims of these coffee makers as to the size of the coffee carafe. I’m going to have to say liar, liar pants on fire! Half cheekily of course, because most coffee makers consider a cup to be 4 ounces. Now if you’re like me, that’s probably a half to a third of what your mug will actually carry.

If you like to drink a couple or three cups every day but spread out over the morning/early afternoon then you should consider a thermal or insulated coffee pot or mug. You can get a Bunn thermal carafe as an option. As I said before, Bunn makes their Bunn coffee makers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit most of our needs.

Automatic Bunn coffee makers

When you’re up and at ’em in the morning, perhaps you’re like me and not so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. To help combat the extra chore of having to get up and fumble with glass coffee decanters and ground coffee beans that we’re likely to spill all over the place, a handy automatic coffee maker is very helpful in this situation. Set it the night before and forget it! Although the Bunn coffee makers NHBX is not automatic is does make a full 10 cups in under 3 minutes, which is a good choice if you’re okay with making your coffee in the morning but don’t want to have to wait too long.

Also think about convenience. Nowadays our lives are so harried that we need all the convenience we can find. Features such as a visible water reservoir and easy swing out coffee filter basket helps make enjoying your morning coffee quite pleasant.

So as far as Bunn coffee makers are concerned, you have a few options. The Bunn NHBX if you’re looking for a speedy cup of coffee for your morning. And then there is also the Bunn BTX coffee machine if you’re looking for a thermal carafe that you can use to enjoy your coffee all morning long. These are amongst my favorite Bunn coffee makers. No more burnt coffee.

Remember as always, that the 4 fundamentals of coffee are proportion, grind, water and freshness. The most important aspect of all these is water in my humble opinion and then comes the Bunn coffee makers.