Bunn Coffee Maker Review

Welcome to the Bunn coffee maker review. Today we’ll limit ourselves to one of the best selling Bunn coffee machines as well as one of the best Bunn coffee makers, the Bunn NHBX. The one pictured in the image to the left is the Bunn NHBX-B which basically means it’s black 🙂 You can also find it as the NHBX-W if you want a white one. Though frankly I much prefer the black Bunn coffee maker, especially with the elegant stainless steel water reservoir.

The Bunn NHBX coffee maker is a 10 cup coffee maker that works blazingly fast. With this coffee machine, you can have your coffee in about 3 minutes. Compared to other coffee makers, this is probably at least twic as fast as most other brands for the same amount of coffee. But the key to this, is that the Bunn coffee machine does not sacrifice flavor while brewing your coffee so fast.

The ground coffee beans have their full flavor extracted through the Bunn’s sprayhead which saturates the ground coffee fully so that every last drop of delicious coffee is found in your cup and not left in the Bunn’s coffee filter basket. Bunn has been in business for over 40 years, and were the first coffee company to introduce the drip brew coffee maker in 1963. So they know what they’re doing.

Here are just some of the great features of the Bunn NHBX:

  • Reservoir style home drip coffee maker
  • Stainless steel water reservoir with thermostat to keep water at ideal brewing temperature
  • Sprayhead for improved flavor extraction and hot water for tea
  • Sliding lid to quickly and easy add water to the reservoir
  • Vacation switch to minimize electrical consumption when away

This is an assembled in North America brew coffee maker. And with a generous 3 year warranty, you can rely on the Bunn NHBX coffee brewer to offer you years of hassle free service. Additionally, because it brews so fast, you always have hot water available for other things like tea or hot cocoa. The thermostat keeps the water hot while minimizing electrical consumption. And the warming plate keeps coffee hot for hours.

Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say about the Bunn coffee maker NHBX-B:

Review paraphrased for space – Click here for complete review

Has anyone ever gone to a diner, coffee shop or convienence store and drank the coffee and wondered how you can make this excellent tasting coffee at home? I’ve finally found the one machine that duplicates the rich and wonderful taste that you find in the diner, coffee shop etc. I’m in heaven! It’s very easy to use if you READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. – Optor