The Blue Coffee Maker Complete Guide

I’ve got a confession to make. My favorite color is blue so talking about a blue coffee maker is right in my wheelhouse has they say. And today we’re going to talk about your options if you’re looking for blue coffee makers. I’ve written before about different colored coffee makers and in particular the red coffee maker. I don’t own one, in fact I don’t own a blue coffee maker either, but I think a splash of color is overdue in my kitchen. Perhaps you feel the same way, so let’s get down to talking about where to buy blue coffee maker and I’ll offer you 3 different blue coffee makers to buy.

First up is the standard old drip coffee maker that we probably all own. This is one of the cheap coffee makers that I’ve seen and is already at a 25% discount off retail as I write this. Click here for more info or to buy it now from Amazon. This is the Miallegro 1090 12 Cup Coffee Maker in blue. This is a basic blue coffee maker that offers automatic shut-off after 2 hours, a heat resistant carafe so it won’t break easily and a brew-pause feature so that you can pour your first cup of coffee before this drip coffee machine has finished brewing. For around $30 as I write this, you can’t go wrong if you just want a eye catching coffee maker with Italian inspired design.

My favorite blue coffee maker

Next up is my favorite blue coffee maker. This one is the Cuisinart DGB600BCBL Grind and Brew Thermal 10 cup Coffee Maker. This is a full featured coffee machine. You know I’m a huge fan of thermal carafes because I like hot coffee and I hate having to replace my glass coffee carafes all the time! I’m also enjoying the grind and brew coffee makers and I’ve written about the Cuisinart coffee grinder before. They make great products and this Cuisinart grind and brew coffee maker is no exception. It is fully programmable and makes 10 cups or 50 ounces (1.5 liters) which is actually more than the Miallegro just above. The Miallegro promises 12 cups but that is only 48 ounces (1.4 liters). This blue coffee maker also has the ability to make just one cup to 4 cups of coffee at a time so you can enjoy your coffee if you are just home alone. The coffee machine shuts off when brewing is completed, keeping coffee warm in the carafe and it has a pause-brew feature if you’re eager to get at your coffee right away. It also comes with a permanent gold filter and a charcoal filter to keep the water pure. This is a terrific blue coffee machine that also has a 3 year warranty.

An unusual blue coffee maker

The last item is something different and I wanted to offer an option for those of you who are looking for a cobalt blue coffee maker that is not electronic. The Cuisinart above and other automatic coffee makers are must haves, but the Neapolitan coffee maker is a neat and mechanical drip coffee maker. The one to the left is a blue Napoletana. Click here to buy it or check it out. It is considered a drip coffee maker because that is how it works. Like a stove top espresso maker you place it on the stove. In the bottom chamber is water, in the middle is a filter that you’ve filled with ground coffee and the top is empty. The image that you see is how the blue coffee maker looks after it has brewed. Once you have heated the water in the bottom section to boiling you take it off the heat and turn it upside down. The boiled water then drips down through the coffee and into the empty section which has the spout and you pour yourself a delicious cup of coffee.

There you have 3 options for a blue coffee maker. I wanted to throw something unusual in just for those of use who are curious and might like to give something like that a try.