Black Glass Coffee Table – An Elegant Design Choice

A black glass coffee table is the topic of today’s post. Glass tables are great choices for most homes, but especially those that are leaning towards a modern or contemporary design. So stay with me as we discuss some of the options and perhaps some of the drawbacks of having a black glass coffee table or a glass coffee table generally. You’ll know from previous posts that I’m a huge fan of natural wooden coffee tables. But having said that, I can appreciate a well designed glass coffee table too. Many of my friends have glass tables and they’re very elegant and pleasant to look at. They just don’t invite you putting up your feet on them though! Perhaps that’s a benefit if you own one, your guests won’t be slouching around in your living room!

This modern black glass coffee table makes a wonderful addition to your living room decor or setup. Though not common as mentioned earlier, a black coffee table is an elegant piece of furniture that is sure to spark conversation if not because of the eye catching design, then the rarity of the item.

I have seen the oval glass coffee table in black although it is more common to see it as a square glass coffee table or rectangular glass coffee table. Even rare is finding the Noguchi coffee table with a black glass top. In my humble opinion this has got to be one of the very nicest designs in a coffee table that I have ever seen. The Noguchi coffee table is not a square coffee table and it’s not quite an oval coffee table either. It is more closely related to an oval though, more of a squashed out oval. Very elegant, very eye catching, very simple.

Choosing a black glass coffee table

If I was to choose between a white coffee table or a black glass coffee table I would definitely go for the black table. More contemporary in my mind and not quite as common. However, as with any type of glass table, black glass coffee tables do require some upkeep. Less so than a wooden coffee table, the glass table is prone to smudges and fingerprint marks, so the occasional cleaning with glass cleaner and a cloth or paper is required.

However, if you have a pine coffee table or an oak coffee table like mine, the cleaning and maintenance is a little more involved. You need to remove stains, buff out scuffs and polish regularly. With this in mind, a glass coffee table seems like quite a walk in the park. Although, a wooden table can take the occassional ding, a glass table can’t. A ding on a wooden table that will leave a dent, is quite likely to break the glass top of a black gloss coffee table. So you need to bear this in mind.

Options not available in a black glass coffee table

Something else that I’ve found with these black glass coffee tables is that I haven’t seen them as a lift top coffee table and I haven’t seen them with really any storage shelves. Not even one at the base of the table. So keep this in mind. If you aren’t in need of storage shelves for magazines and you live a fairly simple and minimalistic lifestyle then this shouldn’t worry you at all.

Nice coffee tables, that are elegant and of course fit anyone’s budget, the black glass coffee table can be yours from just a couple of hundred dollars or less all the way into the thousands if you’re going with well known designers.