Best Bags for Coffee Beans and Other Coffee Accessories

When you are storing coffee beans in your home the biggest problem that you have to face is how to fight the effects of moisture and air. These two factors are the biggest causes why coffee can spoil. When coffee beans are roasted they should be consumed right away or they might spoil quickly. Regular coffee beans are at their best after a day and up to 3 days after they were roasted. From then on it is a downhill thing when it comes to their aroma and their flavour. They start losing that until nothing lis left and all that you have is a useless pile of tasteless granules.

This is the reason why it is not a smart move to buy roasted coffee in large quantities. The most that you should get is supply for up to a week. For those who are really into coffee and who wants to buy their supply of beans in bulk the recommended method is to get green coffee beans, or coffee beans that has not been roasted. A coffee lover must learn how to roast his own beans. In order to do that properly, there are some supplies that one must have:

Coffee Bags-
Some of the best bags for coffee beans are the ones that you can get from Sweet Maria. They have all sorts of bags for your coffee needs. They have bags for storing your green coffee beans. These are excellent for storing unroasted beans so they can last for a long time without having to lose any of its freshness. You can get a bag for a pound of coffee for about $.65. It has draw string and a logo on it. You can also get a burlap bag for a 5 pound load for about $1.25.

They also have paper bags that you can use once you have roasted the coffee beans. You can get a 1 pound bag for roasted beans got about $.50. You can visit their site at

French P ress, Stelton 8 Cup French Press Coffee Maker- This is a classic when it comes to coffee making tools. First designed in the late 1970s it is now getting an upgrade in the form of this excellent French Press Coffee Maker. It can make up to 8 cups of coffee at a time and its double walled design and simple opening and closing can keep the beverage inside it warm for a very long time. It comes with a specialized spoon for measuring your coffee and recipes for coming up with a unique drink every time that you use it. You can get this for about $40.

Nesco Professional Home Coffee Roaster– If you want the least hassle in your coffee roasting this is the equipment that you should have. The best thing about this is that it eliminates the smoke that is usually associated with roasting coffee beans. With this gear it only takes about 25 minutes to roast a batch of beans. You can get this excellent coffee tool for about $150.