Banana Leaf Coffee Table and Other Woven Furniture

Woven furniture has a certain appeal. It has that exotic feel and look that would be a great addition to any new home setting. If you are a homeowner who is searching for a unique way of decorating your home then woven furniture ought to be on the top of your list. Just look at a place that is filled with woven furniture, you can sense a sense of style in it that can not be found inside a house that has ordinary stuff in it. Somehow it evokes strange lands and places that you have never been to. By using woven furniture that came from those lands you are connecting with other cultures and other people.

Woven furniture is also very durable. Despite its flimsy look the strength of the materials used in weaving and in making these pieces are remarkable. That is why the people and the cultures that has developed woven furniture have found them to be useful. They have learned centuries ago that these materials can stand the test of time and can be used for making beautiful pieces. These materials are very flexible as well which is the reason why they became such a favorite material in the hands of furniture makers. They could give free reign to their imagination. Look at the different styles and looks of woven furniture. No other group of material has such a potential in creativity and form.

The most popular materials for woven furniture are rattan and cane, while water hyacinth, sea grass, and banana leaf are also becoming popular with furniture makers. What is the one common thing about all of these materials? It is the fact that they are all renewable. Unlike hardwood trees that would take decades to be replaced these materials would only need months sometimes even weeks to replenish. In a world where resources are growing more scarce with each passing day such materials become more valuable and their products are truly a blessing.

A banana leaf coffee table has a certain beauty to it that is quite appealing. Its low slung appearance makes it quite intriguing. The first time that I saw one at a friends house i just assumed that it was made of rattan but when my friend told me that it was woven out of banana leaf I was pleasantly surprised. I did not know and I have never dreamed that anything as sturdy as a table could be made out of banana leaf. Then my friend told me that they are making all sorts of furniture not just from banana leaf but other materials that are just as improbable like water hyacinth and sea grass. It was not just coffee tables that they were making out of those materials. They were coming up with seats, and cabinets and other pieces.

I saw a site on the Internet where they were selling banana leaf coffee tables for prices that ranged from $350 to $450 and that would include the glass top.I think that would be a fair price for a such beautiful piece.