Options In The 8 Cup Coffee Press

Welcome to another addition of the coffee press journal where today we’ll be discussing the many options available to you if you’re looking for an 8 cup coffee press. Well, this isn’t really a journal about coffee presses, but rather all about the yumminess that is coffee. But today we are going to talk about the eight cup coffee press in particular. If you’ve visited here before then you know that I’ve written many times about French press coffee and the French press travel style amongst the many other kinds. My personal favorite of course being the stainless steel French press of which I have an 8 cup coffee press version and a 1 cup French press version too. If you’re knew to French press coffee and wondering about how to make coffee with a French press you can just follow that previous link. I want to get right into the meat of the matter today.

First option in the 8 cup coffee press

Bodum coffee makers are most often of the French coffee press pot style and so we will start with perhaps one of the most popular of the 8 cup coffee press coffee makers from Bodum which you can see to your left. This is the Bodum Chambord coffee press available through Amazon by clicking here. Amazon not only has tremendous savings, they’re reliable and offer great variety. Now this Bodum coffee maker has a glass beaker and chrome plated brass frame. The press mechanism is stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about it rusting and all parts are dishwasher safe. Enjoying French press coffee really is that easy. This press pot holds 32 ounces of coffee which is not really 8 mugs, nor is it 8 8 ounce cups, but this what they’re calling an 8 cup coffee press nowadays. Of course, going to a 12 cup coffee press is not going to be a “real” 12 cup press pot, but you get the idea. Besides, if you pick up some dark and delicious Lavazza Blue coffee beans you want need a full mug of this rich and flavorful coffee.

Your next choice which is presented in the image to your left is the Thermos Nissan vacuum insulated coffee press. This 8 cup coffee maker is 34 ounces large and available through Amazon by clicking here. The Thermos Nissan coffee press offers sturdy stainless steel construction with an excellent 5 year warranty against defects. This insulated coffee press will keep your coffee hot for hours, though I recommended decanting the French coffee after around 10 minutes or so, washing out your coffee cup press and then adding the coffee back in. The problem with allowing French press coffee to steep for too long is that it will pick up some of the bitterness after around 15 minutes or so. This 8 cup coffee press should be hand washed, but from experience, I’m telling you it isn’t that hard of a chore.

The Cadillac version of the 8 cup coffee press

The last one up for grabs today is to be considered the Cadillac of coffee presses and that is the Frieling coffee press that you can see to your left again. This thermal coffee press holds 35 ounces of delicious coffee (may I recommend Lavazza Rossa), and it has a nice highly polished mirrored exterior with brushed steel interior. This 8 cup coffee press is double walled for insulation and will keep your coffee warm for ours. It has 18/10 gauge stainless steel for durability and its simple design is sturdy and also enduring. Frieling press pot owners swear by them and are quite a loyal bunch. So this is definitely an coffee cup press to consider if your budget will allow. Available at Amazon at deep discounts by clicking here.

There are many others to choose from. If you’re after a red coffee maker for example you can find those at Amazon too. If you want a camping coffee press then those too are available. Coffee presses with interesting and unique designs, you’ve got it. I recommend every household should own at least one 8 cup coffee press. And while you’re at it, why not grab a travel coffee press for work too!