5 Hour Energy vs. Coffee

One of the main reasons why people drink coffee is for the energizing and invigorating feeling that they can get out of it because of the caffeine content in coffee. It can really boost their alertness and remove any lethargic feeling. Although tea has higher caffeine content, coffee is usually preferred of the two drinks for its energizing effect because more coffee is used for each cup of drink that it gets. So for years people turned to coffee whenever they needed a shot of energy to boost them through the day.

That is until the energy drinks came along. These drinks promise to deliver the same things that you can get out of a cup of coffee. They can give you alertness and sharpness of mind whenever you need them most. It also promises more than the usual things that you can get from coffee. As their name suggests they are supposed to provide you with a quick boost of energy as well. That can be achieved through the inclusion vitamins and amino acids which are supposed to provide your body with a burst of extra energy.

The 5 Hour Energy- One of the latest energy drink to hit the market is the 5 Hour Energy drink which is supposed to provide you with enough fuel for a few hours of needed work. It contains a mixture of vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients. The thing that makes it unique from other energy drinks is that it does not contain a huge amount of sugar that can cause problems later on. The drink also contains caffeine although the manufacturer claims that a serving of the drink contains the same amount of caffeine that you can get from a cup of coffee.

5 Hour Energy vs. Coffee- There is a controversy that is on-going right now between energy drinks like the 5 Hour Energy in comparison with coffee. When it comes to providing alertness and sharpness of mind which is better? If what you are after is to get a load of sharpness on your mind then these two drinks are tied. The manufacturers of the 5 Hour Energy has said it all, their products contain as much caffeine as a regular sized cup of coffee. There is no other substance or any other ingredient in that drink that can really awaken your senses except for caffeine. All the other fancy stuff included there like the vitamin brew are not going to do you any good at all when it comes to keeping you awake.

Both of these drinks are low on calories so they can not be a factor when it comes to adding weight to your body. The only advantage that I can see which 5 Hour Energy has over coffee is the fact that it contains almost no sugar at all which means that it is a perfect drink for those suffering from diabetes. When it comes to taste however I can’t see how it can beat the traditional taste of a good cup of coffee.