2 Cup Coffee Maker

Coffee for the two of us with the 2 cup coffee maker. I remember back in the day when I was at university, all I had was a 1 cup coffee maker. And frankly, that’s all I needed. But a 2 cup coffee maker would have seemed like an extravagance back then. I nice extravagance! I joke. Let’s explore what is available today in the two cup coffee maker market as that is probably what you are looking for seeing as how you have landed here on this article of mine. I find the 2 cup coffee maker idea very appealing, and in fact I have an example of what that is and I’ll share it with you in a minute. In fact, I still have that one cup coffee maker too. Not the exact one I had from varsity but pretty similar.

The first option for a 2 cup coffee maker

The first type of 2 cup coffee maker that I want to show you is the stainless steel coffee press or the coffee cup press or the stainless steel French press as it also called. Now these don’t have to actually be stainless steel, you can get just the regular Bodum coffee makers that are made with the glass carafe and either plastic or metal frame. Enjoying coffee from a French press is very European and a very easy and enjoyable way to do it. I always test coffees in a French press as it gives you the full flavor profile of the 100 Kona coffee beans or Brazilian coffee or whatever coffee bean you’re using’s full flavor as the oils don’t get trapped in the paper coffee filter. So that’s a word to the wise. I’d argue you can only really judge a coffee properly if you’ve brewed it as a French press coffee.

As an aside, the one cup coffee maker I enjoyed in university was just a simple Melitta coffee maker that took those small paper coffee filters and you added the coffee grounds to it and then poured hot water from the kettle over them. You’ve seen them I’m sure. As a matter of fact I still use my Melitta coffee maker if I want to make just one cup of coffee for myself. I’m sure you could use these as a 2 cup coffee maker but I think that’s a stretch.

Another thing I should say about the French press coffee pot is that you can get them in various sizes, so you aren’t just limited to a 2 cup coffee maker. In fact my stainless steel coffee press is considered an 8 cup coffee maker, but I think that is waaay too generous. I’d argue that it is a 4 cup coffee maker, at least if you want decent sized cups. And I’m not even talking about coffee mugs here. But certainly bigger than espresso cups and saucers for sure.

The other type of 2 cup coffee maker

The other type of 2 cup coffee maker I want to briefly talk about are the dual coffee makers. I’m not talking about the dual coffee maker that makes both espresso cappuccino and has an attached coffee carafe. I’m talking about a dual coffee maker that actually brews coffee into  two separate coffee cups or coffee mugs. You can sometimes get this as a free coffee maker if you buy 4 or so pounds of coffee. You can also find them for a pretty good deal at Amazon too.

So there you have it my friends. A couple of options for you for your 2 cup coffee maker. I hope this has helped. Although I’d suggest you get a regular drip coffee maker too instead of just relying on a 2 cup coffee maker, especially if you ever have guests over which I’m sure you do!