1 Cup French Press

Sometimes all you want is just a 1 cup French press to enjoy a nice cup of coffee on the go. And this article is going to suggest some of the options that are available to you if are looking for just a 1 cup French press or a French press travel mug. Finding a single serve French press coffee mug is not as hard as it once was. As our coffee culture in North America becomes more advanced I’ve noticed that French press coffee has become more common and more sought after. Even Starbucks will brew you a nice French press coffee pot of your chosen bean if you request it. And often only for around $4 or $5 for an 8 cup French coffee press. In fact, the ideal way to gain an appreciation for the full flavor profile of coffee beans is to use the French press coffee pot as all of the oils which give much of the subtle coffee flavor nuances are left in the coffee drink itself and not trapped as they are by paper filters.

The benefits of the 1 cup French press

So finding a French press coffee mug that you can take away with you wherever you travel is a great idea. It is not only more environmentally friendly than disposable coffee cups or paper coffee cups, but it is also more convenient in my opinion. The first option that I have found for a French press mug or 1 cup French press is the French Press To-Go Brew-in-Cup which is I must confess my least favorite option. At around five dollars a serving (I don’t know how they make it this cheap), you can enjoy a fresh 1 cup French press in a variety of different flavors including such fanciful names as Cafe Geva Fog Navigator coffee or Duncan Coffee Company Snickerdoodle.

This is my least favorite because this is a disposable French press mug and although they are probably recyclable, I’m just not a huge fan of our throw-away culture and society. And as I’ve written elsewhere before, I think that as coffee lovers we have an intimate and symbiotic relationship with fragile coffee producing ecosystems so we owe it to ourselves and our world to be more diligent in how we enjoy our coffee.

Nevertheless, I think there could be a place for these disposable French press coffee cups. An example might be business trips where you want a decent coffee handy without having to rely on the most often insipid hotel room coffee bags. I can’t call them coffee pods because they aren’t really. So as an option on a limited basis I guess these travel 1 cup French press coffee mugs could do in a pinch.

My preferred 1 cup French press

My favorite way of course is with a stainless steel French press coffee mug. These are widely available and although quite a bit more expensive up front, you’ll find that they will last you practically indefinitely and the only thing you’ll likely need to change over the years is the French press filter. The one that I have which I have found to be very loyal to the enjoyment of my coffee is the Bodum Stainless Steel 16-Ounce Vacuum Travel Press Coffee Maker. This is a great 1 cup French press size of 16 ounces which is what I really consider a cup or mug of coffee. Okay, maybe 12 ounces or more will do, but let’s be honest. 16 ounces is the Starbucks medium or grande size and that’s what most of us order anyway isn’t it?

The above stainless steel 1 cup French press will only set you back around $30 which isn’t too bad considering you’ll get years of enjoyment out of it. And I like the stainless steel French press pot because it is so easy to use for other things too. I’ve used it for iced teas and iced coffee and it keeps them cool quite a while.

Of course there are other options and cheaper options too. You can get plastic 1 cup French presses for around twenty bucks, but I just don’t like drinking hot liquids out of plastic containers. But that’s just me. So whatever you’re looking for, there is bound to be a 1 cup French press available for you, and I hope you find it, you’ll love it.